Café Preto Tattoo
Legend has it that about a thousand years ago in Abyssinia, today Ethiopia, a shepherd noticed that his goats were happy, bouncing and full of energy when they chewed the reddish-yellow fruits of the shrubs of some pasture fields...
It is told in books, in Europe 300 years ago, the young people used to sit around illuminated coffee shops spending entire afternoons, around several cups of coffee, discussing the fate of nations, reciting poems, reading books or just passing the time.
Coffee has been part of our history as the basic product of the Brazilian economy, which has developed completely independent, that is, with national resources and that would become the first exclusively Brazilian achievement aimed at the production of wealth.
Coffee is a part of everyone's life. Through art, the "Café Preto" will be part of yours.
Café Preto Tattoo, was born full of history.

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