Company Balloon Bilingue contacted us to realize a refresh of both their branding and naming. Although the bilingual methodology is their primary service at the moment, they were searching for a brand that would better represent them as a company that develops creative solutions for Brazil's education.

After several rounds of brainstorming and hundreds of domain searches, we conceived the name Perto Education. In Portuguese, this mild word means "near." A perfect solution to represent the intimacy & proximity that were always a core value of the company. Just as in English, the word also means next, which combines perfectly with their inspiration to impact the next generation.
Perto education is a bilingual methodology company that introduces English in a playful and fun way in the routine of the students, using the physical structure and the professionals that are already part of the schools, in this way, accessible costs, easy management, and incredible results.

The identity concept explores affection and closeness in learning a new language. The identity is anchored with visual references of hug and warmth. This resulted in a geometric logotype, close letters and the letter T “embracing” the letter O. The goal with the design was to create an innovative, friendly and reliable expression with an identity rich in elements and playful forms and an overall differentiated identity in its field of practice.

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